Old Maps of Egham

Historic Maps of Egham and the local area.

I was approximately 4 when I moved to Egham, after my Dad left the RN. We moved in to a flat above my Grandparents bakery. This was next door to a Butchers which was next to a florist, which was on a corner. Later we moved to Park Road a little semi that needed lots of things doing, kitchen rather than a scullery and a (...Read full memory)

I was born in Englefield Green in July 1954 we lived at 60 Alexander Road and I went to St Jude's Infant school and then on to the Junior School which was next door, it was only a minutes walk from our home. We used to live next door to Ted and Betty Gallon and there daughter Charmine who I played with often, on the (...Read full memory)