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Memories of Egham

We moved to Egham in about 1955.  My father had been born in Medlake Road in 1920.  We lived in Oak Avenue, Egham Hythe in a house built in the 1930s.  I attended Egham Hythe Infants and Primary and later Magna Carta (on both its sites - Egham Hythe and Manorcrofts - it is now just in the Hythe).   In those pre-M25 and M3 days (...Read full memory)

I was born in 1960 in Delham Ave and grew up at 1 the Crescent with my two brothers and sister. My father, Ronald Wykes, took the steam train to Waterloo each day as he was a banker in the city. After he retired he took up a strong interest in local history by chairing the Egham Historical Society. Egham station, had a (...Read full memory)

The text to the Egham photographs calls Egham uninspiring.  What it may lack in architectural merit (although there are gems if you look closely, perhaps an architect would care to enlighten the readers) is more than made up for by its place in history as the location for the signing of the Magna Carta by King John in 1215.   This (...Read full memory)

I remember the lovely fresh bread smell from Aldridges the bakery at the Triagle, the Grove Fish and Chip shop's marvellous rock salmon and chips cooked in beef dripping of course, Killips department store's dumb waiter, learning to dance at the Victor Sylvestor dance school above the Odeon cinema, attending 'Boy Meets Girl' (...Read full memory)

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