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Still live here, travelling all over the world for the last 40 years and realise there are many worse places to live !!
I was brought up in Ellesmere Port in the 50's 60's and 70's, initially in Woodfield Road, then South Road just off Wolverham Road. I started my education at Our Lady's in the tin church in Enfield Road, then at Windsor Drive followed by a return to Enfield Road. In 1966 I went to the Boys Grammar School on Overpool Road. I left the Port in 1974 to go to University in London. Briefly returned before marrying and settling in Chester. Mike Lightfoot.
My mother, her mother and my great grandma lived through war time while my grandfather fought in France ww2. Everybody knew each other and there was a great sense of community. People would help each other and look after their neighbours, and life back then humbled everyone who had it hard but appreciated every day. Old shops, no super markets, ration books, gas masks, air raids etc. The fear of being ...see more
My memories are of the quillets children's home and all the people I met there 1976 to 1980 also I went to mill lane comprehensive at those times the mods and rockers and punk rockers were all the rage kids drove round on lamberretas and racing bikes we used to go to the village hall disco on a Friday in great Sutton . Rivacer baths I also went I remember the water was like ice !!!! And the swimming baths by stanney park alot warmer !!! Had some sad times but alot of fun times too
My family lived in Ellesmere Port since 1892 - or even earlier. I know this as when I was young my great great grandma was still alive. Don't know if anyone remembers author AVE. I used to live at no 28 - it was an old Victorian cobbled street and bit by bit, houses were becoming derelict a shame, because it was a nice nieghbourhood. I remember coal fires and tin baths, no central heating like we have ...see more
I lived in Ellesmere Port from 1954 to 1966, in Wolverhampton Rd. I went to Milton Rd primary then the Wirral Grammar school as the Port had no grammar school then. Every day there were 6 full special Crosville buses taking us to school. Memories of the Hippodrome cinema and another cinema on the main road. We must have had better summers in those days as Rivacre Valley pool would be packed. We walked ...see more
EPNBC development and planning departments should be ashamed at letting 'what was then’ turn into 'what is now’ it’s an absolute disgrace and we are supposed to have progressed.
Born 1955,lived in princes road,so many happy memories of growing up there....the "Olympic stores"nose pressed against the glass looking at all the things we could'nt afford,playing football and being chased off the bowling green at the back of the princes hotel by the landlord Sam White,the hot summer days at the rivacre swimming pool,going to the saturday pictures at the queens cinema,william ...see more
Name: T. Pearce Born: 1955 School: Stanney high sport: E/Port School boys Family/Friends: Holdings, Pearce,s. Clarks. Stokes. Now: Thailand Any old friends out there
My Father had gone to New Zealand in search of new frontiers and my mother, older brother Martin and sister, Jane and myself were staying with my Nanna in Queen Street-we were there for over a year. Dad came home and we moved to Chester in 1963, to Plas Newton. The area looked like 'Coronation Street' which had just commenced on Granada, I watched the first episodes with Nanna, I was about 4. I have ...see more