Ely, The Theological College c.1960

Memories of Ely

I am not entirely sure of the year, but I am told that one of my great grandfather's brothers owned this Inn at one time. I would love to hear from anyone that can shed more light on this.

My grandmother lived along the road past Deacons Lane. I first learned to ride  a two-wheeled cycle along that road in 1939.

We are holding a Reunion for the servicemen (Regular & National Service) and civilians who worked at RAF Ely Hospital in the 1950's. My Dad did his National Service there in 1953-1954. We are having dinner at the Lamb Hotel on Lynn Street in Ely on Saturday 26th September. There is usually about 20-25 of us (...Read full memory)

Did you serve at the RAF Ely Hospital during the 1950s? If so we'd love you to join us for a Reunion we're holding at the Lamb Hotel in Ely on Saturday 25th September 2010. Whether you were National Service, a regular or a civilian we'd love to hear about your time there. Perhaps you were a nurse or a medic or a (...Read full memory)

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