Memories of Ely

I am not entirely sure of the year, but I am told that one of my great grandfather's brothers owned this Inn at one time. I would love to hear from anyone that can shed more light on this.

We are holding a Reunion for the servicemen (Regular & National Service) and civilians who worked at RAF Ely Hospital in the 1950's. My Dad did his National Service there in 1953-1954. We are having dinner at the Lamb Hotel on Lynn Street in Ely on Saturday 26th September. There is usually about 20-25 of us (...Read full memory)

I lived in Ely from 1986 to 1991, over the Market Place in a flat. I worked in Forehill in an office over the gents outfitters. I also came to Ely on business as early as 1982 when Tangerine Computers were at the old brewery. Since 2000, researching the family I tree, I realised that a first cousin of my (...Read full memory)

My Dad did his National Service at RAF Ely Hospital in 1953/4. We held a reunion at the weekend (27th Sept 08) in the Lamb Hotel which was attended by about 27 people. The Baron of Beef, the Rifleman's (on Lyn Road), the Cutter and the Minster were their favoured pubs. I would love to obtain photos from the 1950s especially of the (...Read full memory)

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