Old Maps of Enfield

Historic Maps of Enfield and the local area.

I can remember walking through Enfield Town as a young boy The Town then had shops like Ketts The electrical shop that sold Radios, Portable Reel to Reel taperecorders, Radiograms, and Record players , then left of that was The Copshop, Right of that was Woolworths,That sold nearly anything , but on the front of the (...Read full memory)

I moved to Enfield in 1990, and lived just oppostie the Hop poles in Baker Street. Lancaster Road had a wide variety of shops even then. Three Greengrocers and a Butchers to start with, as well as several bakers. Next to the Co-op, an old lady sold eggs from a half barn door...nothing else, just eggs. I (...Read full memory)