Epping, Nunn's Dairy Cart c.1900

Memories of Epping

I love this photo - those old cars ! I don't remember the old building with the wooden balconies. It must have disappeared between 1955 and the first half of the 1960s. Monday has always been market day in Epping. Years ago there was a bit of a cattle market at the top end near the church, but I can't recall whether I (...Read full memory)

While we lived in Old Harlow we used to go shopping in Epping.  

We lived in Epping in the 60s and 70s best times of my life we lived in Nicholl road and went to school at Ivy Chimneys, great school and all the staff I can still remember nearly all my class mates where they lived all the little sweet shops scattered throughout my journey home.the town was beautiful my first job was at Maurice (...Read full memory)

My memories of the Wake Arms pub are, travelling from Harold Hill every Friday night, me, my mates and girlfriends too, to the heavy metal disco they held at the Wake Arms, drinking more than I should have then driving home, but what a brilliant night, never no aggro. A great memory.

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