Epping, Nunn's Dairy Cart c.1900

Memories of Epping

I love this photo - those old cars ! I don't remember the old building with the wooden balconies. It must have disappeared between 1955 and the first half of the 1960s. Monday has always been market day in Epping. Years ago there was a bit of a cattle market at the top end near the church, but I can't recall whether I (...Read full memory)

I grew up in Epping, living next door to an old lady, Ann Young (nee Shakespeare), who lived in a bungalow her husband built on Bower Hill crica the 1920/30s. She had lived in Epping all her life. Her father, a builder, even named a house in Allnutts Road after her when she was very young (...Read full memory)

That looks a little like my dad's old car. I have happy memories of Epping. I was born there over 50 years ago in Ivy Chimneys and remember walking across the roads in town with my dad hand in hand, and after school going up in the woods playing around the old fish ponds and often going and helping my dad at work in the cemetery in Bury Lane.

The wooden railings to be seen in this photo is the old Epping cattle market where the animals were sold on market days. There is a memorial/water fountain still standing which would have originally been in the middle of the cattle market at the church end of Epping High Street.

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