Epsom, The Durdans 1890

Memories of Epsom

This building was owned by my mother's family, the Longleys, from about 1915. 93 High Street was the head office of Longley & Broadhead, a firm of estate agents ran by my great-grandfather Henry B. Longley (of Woodcote Hall) and later by my grandfather Leslie B. Longley, for over 50 years until L&B was incorporated (...Read full memory)

My partner Tim and I have owned this shop since 1999. This has been a family busines for 12 years with our daughter Amanda helping us. This was originally the "paper shop" which is how many older resdents of the village still refer to it however over the years it has been extended and is now a "village shop" and in fact is (...Read full memory)

This is the parade of shops as l remember it from my childhood. I remember at the top of the parade, a butcher's shop, Leila the hairdresser (run by my friend's mum Joyce), which was next to the optician, a grocery store, the post office, and at the very bottom used to be the Fir Tree tea rooms. Beyond that was the garage, and (...Read full memory)

In our early teens we used to go to the Nell Gwynne, upstairs in the 'coffee bar' where we had what I believe was the worlds first Nickelodeon (manual version). We paid the lady 3d, I think it was, and she put our favourite record on the record player on the counter and we listened while we chatted. Anybody out there remember (...Read full memory)

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