Epsom, The Durdans 1890

Memories of Epsom

I have very happy memories of tugging a little plastic boat on a piece of string on this pond. Often sail boats would become becalmed in the middle of the pond and you would have to wait patiently for them to reach the shore. I remember this willow tree very well.

My partner Tim and I have owned this shop since 1999. This has been a family busines for 12 years with our daughter Amanda helping us. This was originally the "paper shop" which is how many older resdents of the village still refer to it however over the years it has been extended and is now a "village shop" and in fact is (...Read full memory)

Anyone remember the bus ride to Sutton from Drift Bridge, via Banstead. Didn't the bus have to stop at the end of the road through Banstead before turning very sharp left? The bus ticket man had to get off and see the bus round the corner before jumping back on. Wow! Has it changed? I suppose it must have (...Read full memory)

I was born in a house that is not yet built in this photo, the house would be on the bottom left corner of this print. I still live 200 yards away, level with where the photograph was taken. The area of trees and shrubs on both sides of this view of Dorking Road were developed. However to the rear of the person taking the photograph (...Read full memory)

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