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A special collection of archive photos of England's capital city.

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Queen Elizabeth II visited this town in 1953 to offer her condolences to the hundreds of residents whose lives had been torn apart by a monstrous flood that wrecked homes and businesses. It is interesting to note that the Burton chain of menswear shops, like the one pictured here (right), have recently celebrated fifty years in business.

Memories of Erith, High Street c1953

1 lived in Erith until 1970 born in 1932 at 7 Athol road off of Deluci road which is next to the old Tivoli cinema we move there in 1934 from west street we had incenderies drop on our house in 1942 my father put a bucket over it and when he kicked it of it singed is hair and eye brows as an old lady lived upstairs a Mrs smith and had a midget lodger named Mr pledger who was a watch repairer we ...see more

I lived in Upper Belvedere from the time I was born until I married 1n 1954. I used to catch the 99 bus from the Eardly Arms pub, on a Saturday morning. to the Ritz cinema in the high street Erith. There was no Odeon then. The only other cinema was a mile or two away at the Pom Pom called the Rialto. The bus fare was 2 pence, 2 pence for the pictures and 2 pence for the journey home The Ritz stood on the corner of ...see more

I lived on High Street from 1959 to 1962 as a child of US Air Force parents. We rented from the Rabies who owned a cute shop (lived upstairs) on High Street. I remember the river was behind our house and because we were almost the last house on the street, the locks were right there! I am planning a trip back to show my husband this adorable town....can anyone give my any updated information? Thank you ever so much, Suzanne..Washington DC

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