Memories of Erith, the Running Horses c1965

I was at Crescent road school in 1947 and had Mrs Payne headmistress and mr chinery, I also remember Mr Davies,I lived in south road, at the back of us was the fairfield, which we had great fun playing in,when I first went to crescent road, I think I remember a sandpit in the front of the building, the only one I can remember was Michael hilderbrand, I had a crush on him,my cousin Peter Tabrett also went to the ...see more

I was born at 4 Emes Road, but remember growing up at 64 Manor Road and spending a lot of my time chasing the old tramp who used to frequent Nappers (wouldn't do that nowadays!). My dad was Alf Andrews. Dad passed away from throat cancer in 1989. I recall going to The Running Horses with my Mum and Dad and baby sister and listening to my dad's 3 piece band. Him singing and running games like 'chase the kipper' ...see more

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