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Down the Thames Photographic Memories

Down the Thames Photographic Memories

The photo 'Erith, the Thames c1950' appears in this book.

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Moving into the Thames Estuary, the river passes Erith, a much rebuilt and rather forlorn remnant with its medieval church of St John the Baptist; the town is now joined by development inland to Bexley. Here in the 1950s ships still pass on their way to and from the Port of London; this view is from the William Corey Promenade, as it is now called, close to the High Street.

An extract from Down the Thames Photographic Memories.

Other Memories from Erith

In 1957, my friends and I used to go to the open cinema on Sunday afternoons, Pauline Martin, Grace Grant and Renda Tyler. After the film we went to the Diploma Cafe up Pier Road, had hot chocolate and a snack. Then we used to go to Burton's basement club, nearly all rock and roll music. Made more friends, wonder where they all are now. It was run by Henry Kingston, was a really good atmosphere. Remember the old shops in Erith, where have the years gone?! Anyone else remember Burtons?

Born in 60 Alexandra Road in 1943, I went to Crescent Road [Headmistress Mrs Keeble], later to Northumberland Heath School. Walked right down Manor Road just last week round Crescent Road sad to see the school has gone. Such memories as the Ritz cinema in Pier Road, Mitchells store and Pooleys the cycle shop. Beans the butchers at the bottom of Pier Road. Friends of the family remembered are Susan Phillips, Ray Clarke ...see more

Erith was a great place to go when I was a kid as so many different shops and two department stores – Blundells and Micthell’s they were on opposite corners. I remember wondering around Micthell’s at Christmas time. I think Mitchell’s had a second hand furniture section just up the road from the Odeon in High Street. We would go to Odeon on a Saturday to watch the latest Weston’s or ScFi for 6 or 9 old pence. There was ...see more

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I was born in Bexleyheath in 1947, and after returning from boarding school in the holidays I found that we had moved to Bexley road Erith, it was a very large house, with a basement and three floors, and a garden so large that in later years I taught myself to drive a car in it , but my fondest memories are of the old town , they don't make them like that any more, " what a great pity " my sister and I used to ...see more

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