Walk About - a Memory of Ewyas Harold.

Now living in Australia - Arriving back to visit relatives, a previous life time of my walk about ways seems so dream-like. Living at The Greig Farm above the Wier Farm (The Wier which had been in my family forever) was the best childhood that any child could have my freedom was so that I often climbed out of my bedroom window onto the pourch roof and went walk about..
Sometimes these walks took me to the fields beyond our acres and I would see the hunt charging across the fields - I new Dad would not like them over our land incase they ran me down or damaged fencing. Other times the woods below the bank (toward Mrs Robinson goat farm)was a great place to get lost in. One joy in winter was to take a sheet of tin and sit on the snowie bank and sled down to the Wier on it. Those banks also had the best blackberry bushes you could find and i would eat them all day and then take some home for my dear mother Rosemary. The views over the Village were wonderful and are still enjoyed as the Greig House is rented out for holidays. I always new when the fair arrived. I could see it across from Mailes Farm. The top pond was a favourite as I could lie next to the green cover pond in the shady glade and dream my afternoon away. The pond at the front of the house was fun to skate on in my little red wellies in the winter when it was fronzen over. Then there was the conkers we had the best tree in the village and I had a great supply to wop the boys in the playground. I can't belive its band I cannot remember anyone with an injury. I too got my sweeties from Warrens and mum had a large meat bill at Mr Mailes the butcher..
One day I was outside playing and a neighbour who was slightly mad. She ran at Dad, he had to remove an iron bar from her as she attempted to hit over the head with it.
My favourite person at the time was Aunty I Iris - was my mums friend and help (mum had Muscular Dystrophy) So one day I got into my head to walk to her house (4ys old) I knew enough that she lived in Pontrilas - so off I went with my companion as always Toby my red dog. As I walked through the SAS camp a steamroller pulled up and said 'now were are you going?' the poor guy had to get the dog to allow him to put him in the seat of the steamroller before toby would allow me to be picked up. The next thing I remember was alot of police cars parked at the Weir and my mums warm hug as I ran towards her... This may of happened twice but maybe thats my mind replaying..
As I got older I remember going with Mrs Robinson to show her goats and learning to milk them. I think her yogurt may of been one of the first of it kind-put in little pots and sealed with a silver top just like the milk. I just loved the fresh fruit and sweet sour taste and have never liked cows yogurt the same - funny how a taste can stay with you.
I can recall the snow drift over the farm gate and dad digging us out of a 7ft drift.
Mum was a great walker when she was younger and we went up the sugar loaf often - I must relive that with my daughter next year. I walked to school daily and to Sunday School it was a good hour for my little legs. I know I hated the disipline both brought - my sole was so free. -Do any children experience this kind of sense of freedom today I doubt it..Now a succesful business person I have worked toward returning to that way of living in Australia. Maybe I can pass some of the Greig House Farm living to my grandchildren.

A memory shared by Sally Bell on Jun 11th, 2010.
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Tue Feb 9th 2016, at 3:11 pm
david commented:
Does anyone remember the Johnsons who lived on Ewyas Harold Common?

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