Exeter, Elizabethan Gallery, Mol's Coffee House 1911

Memories of Exeter

Does anyone remember the fascinating history with Miss Vaudrey or the English Lit with Miss Chappell, or scary maths with Miss Parkinson? Or Timothy Whites in the High Street? Happy times.

In 1973 having just left school that summer, I started my State Registered Nurse training with tutor Miss Wilmot at this Southernhay Hospital. Being a 'young lady' from Bristol my new colleagues and I were expected to live in the Nurses Home with a larger than life home matron Miss Hermitage. The Nurses (...Read full memory)

My dad went to the Episcopal School from 1940(?) with his twin brother after leaving Countess Wear School Rooms.

Not sure if this is the correct forum as I don't have a memory of Exeter but I do have a memory of a girl I knew many years ago from Wokingham, Her name then was Jennifer House and I believe her name now is Jennifer Susan Phillips, married at Exeter in 1971, If you are this person or you know of her please contact me at (...Read full memory)

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