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We moved to Aldershot in 1964, me and my 2 sisters went to school at East End infants then juniors school which is now all boarded up. I had a good mate who lived up the road from me, Stephen Watts, went to school at St.Michael's. I watched loads of Aldershot FC matches and I still follow the shots today. Dad once (...Read full memory)

I used to love The Puddle, I used to go there every weekend during term time from when it opened at Easter every year, until in closed in October. I would try to go every day during the summer holidays, but I didn't always have the money to get in, I would plead with my mum to give me the money to go, I used to (...Read full memory)

My dad was a Sgt in the medical corp, I was about 12/13 at the time, and we lived on an upper story of a maisonette, I suppose they were called, in Jerome Square. I have memories of "the Jerome Square gang" doing raiding parties to the McCadam Square bonfire to take wood for our fire for Nov 5th. Playing in the air raid (...Read full memory)

Unless I am mistaken, this shot is pointing due south in which the trees of Lynchford Road can be seen in the distance. The distant building on the left hand corner of the "T" junction at the end of Camp Road was "Boots cash chemists" and had by 1965 engulfed "Timothy Whites" which was situated next door to it on both Camp (...Read full memory)

When I left Farnborough in 1957, there was no ornamental pond, just woodland where us kids spent many happy hours playing. There was a small pond at the lower end of the field called Halls pond ( if I'm not mistaken) which has long gone. The area on which the school now stands was just rough land but a great place to (...Read full memory)

Osborne Road is where my Father was brought up in the 1930s. This street was very close to the Royal Aircraft Establishment and this generated my Dad's great interest in aeroplanes and flight. He was later to join the RAF and served during the Second World War.

As a child I remember being dragged around Fine Fair once a week, being sent for a box to the front of the store to put shopping in and being given the job of licking the greenshield stamps and putting them in the book!

I have great memory's of farnborough in the 60s I was in the Royal Engineers stationed at Cove, had a girlfriend that lived in Melrose Avenue the road opposite the shops shown in the photo of the shops on the Pyestock estate Mike Batten

We lived in the flats called Pinehurst Close, wedged between the bottom of the RAE and the Queensmead shops. We moved (to Cove) just as Kingsmead Shopping Centre was being built (1966/7?). I went to St Patrick's School in Peabody Road, then to the juniors when it moved to The Avenue in 1966. I then went to Farnborough (...Read full memory)

Very vivid memories of our school nativity plays at the town hall (I played Mary twice!) and also playing the piano in front of a large audience after coming first in my age group at the Farnborough and Aldershot music festival