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Barely visible in the distance are the level crossing and signal box. There has been change here, with development on both sides of the road, though the white building in the centre and the terrace of houses remain. In the branch of Gammons, the tailors and outfitters, Jack Phillips, who was chief wireless telegraphist on the 'Titanic', was born in 1887. He earned more than local fame when he stayed at his post, transmitting the new 'SOS' signal until the ship sank.

Memories of Farncombe, Farncombe Street 1905

The shop in the middle left of this picture is number 11 Farncombe Street, a drapers shop and the birthplace of John George (Jack) Phillips. His actions as the chief wireless operator on the Titanic helped save many lives. A blue plaque was placed on the building which now occupies the position where this shop was in 2017.

Disappointed by a lack of reminiscenses here I, only this evening, asked a man (who turns out to have lived in the white house in the top left of the picture since 1917) if he had any memories.  I'm afraid all he came up with was the aggrieved memory that the timber merchant (situated where Jackson & Gocher is now) used to let his horse 'drop his guts' right outside his front door 'every (expletive deleted) day'.   It's a start anyway and I'll try again next time I bump into him!

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