Other Memories from Farncombe

My memory is of St John's School 1945 1946 as an excuse I would like to find school pals Janet Woodcock Sylvia Wright Michael Lindsey I had to sit next to Michael but he beat me by one mark.Does ANYONE remember me.? Maria G Have many memories Audry Hall where are you now. I had tea with you on your birthday.At the sweet store.

The shop in the middle left of this picture is number 11 Farncombe Street, a drapers shop and the birthplace of John George (Jack) Phillips. His actions as the chief wireless operator on the Titanic helped save many lives. A blue plaque was placed on the building which now occupies the position where this shop was in 2017.

I was five years old when my parents bought 3, Molyneux Road , Farncombe in 1930. The houses were new, and there was electricity installed downstairs but not upstairs. There was an upstairs bathroom but the pipes were on the north wall of the house and unlagged, so if there was a cold spell the pipes froze. There was no no.1 but an empty building lot which made s great place for us children ...see more

I lived in George Road during the '80s and during my time there, collected old postcards of the area. Much later, I enjoyed locating the exact camera positions and taking videos of how the scenes appear now. This was one of the cards and if you'd like to watch it (it's only 90 seconds long), copy the following link and paste it in your browser: http://youtu.be/cyMpqZ5Jq2I

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