Farnham, Castle Courtyard 1899

Memories of Farnham

I was drafted from Cranleigh swimming pool in 1971 when the operation of the pool was taken over by Waverly Council. The pool was quite run down and in the winter of 1971 Waverly Council managed to allocate funds to refurb the pools. My input was to reduce the depth of the original Victorian pool to 1metre all (...Read full memory)

I was bought up in Farnham, attended Clare Park in Crondall and then Weydon School, went to College at Brookwood. My parents were Terry and Bonnie Hunt, we lived at 37 Firgrove Hill, there were 4 of us kids, Tan, Kitt, Dody and Monty. I have many good memories of Farnham and (...Read full memory)

I am Leslie Harlan Bourgoin, and I remember changing at the Farnham train station each morning to board the school coach bound for Clare Park. My sister Mary Lynn and I were American girls who lived in Farnborough in the early 1960's while our father was a USAF exchange officer there. My parents were Gene and Jean Harlan. (...Read full memory)

My mother went to St Polycarps school from 1913 to 1914. The address I was able to find from the schools archives where they lived was firstly at Beech Villas, Park Rd, Farnham and then Figgs Yard, Long Garden Walk. I would dearly love information on Figgs Yard and if known, some photos of both addresses. Before (...Read full memory)

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