Old Maps of Fawley

Historic Maps of Fawley and the local area.

My maiden name was Perl. I have so many happy memories of growing up in this area in the 50's. Moved to a bungalow in Hythe in 1954 one of the first to be built on the old golf course. Attended, for a short time, the primary school, the Head was a Mr. Britton. It was there that I met Ann Cleal (who still lives in the (...Read full memory)

Born in the Dibden Perlieu nursing home in 1943, I then lived in both Blackfield and Fawley. Growing up was a challenge in those days, but we survived. I attended school at both Fawley and Hardley. Summers were spent on the raft at Lepe, fishing for eels in the sluice, or paddling my canoe around to Calshot and back. I worked (...Read full memory)