Old Maps of Fenny Stratford

Historic Maps of Fenny Stratford and the local area.

In this photo of Aylesbury Street, on the right, next to the Bull and Butcher pub there is Bletchley Motors. In 1966 I bought a practically brand new Old English White MGB sports car from them, registration OPP 199D. I met Mary my wife-to-be and we did all our courting in this Fenny (...Read full memory)

My mother, Florrie Rollings, was born on April 23rd 1891 in one of a small row of cottages, now demolished at the A5 end of Victoria Road. I had many aunts and uncles both in Fenny and in Bletchley. My mother's brother, my Uncle Tom, was the signalman in the box in the goods yard. He won the MM in WW1 (...Read full memory)