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Memories of Fetcham, Badingham College c1955

I remember exploring the old college way back in the seventies whilst working on the Fetcham Park estate.

This was the year I started school at Badingham College and I was there until 1964.I remember walking into Leatherhead for the first time but then forgetting the way back to school and having to hitch a lift back. I wasnt good at games although I enjoyed our long distance runs over the local downs and, when I was old (...Read full memory)

I also remember Badingham. For over a year I was the youngest boy in the school and I too got lost just after starting, getting the 708 bus back iinstead of the 718. I also remember the mill pond and breaking my wrist while playing in the colts rugby team in an away match and was rushed to Epsom District hospital (...Read full memory)

I started at Badingham College at the age of just over 11 years, joining the Ascot House. I was extremley home-sick away from my home in Leeds, Mr O'Brian saw me through those first months, handing the responsability to Mr Saxton. The remaining years were the most pleasant years of my young life, of which I did not appreciate until demob day.

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