Fetcham, Ford, Old Mill Bridge 1904

Memories of Fetcham

My family, the Whitehouses, moved to Mole Road, Fetcham c1956 and as children my sister and our friends spent many happy hours playing 'down the river'. I remember the rickety bridge, frequently with more than one plank missing, swimming, and riding bareback through (sometimes jumping) The Splash to the blacksmith (...Read full memory)

In 1954 my mother, Winifred Diwell, was the cashier at Baxters the Butchers in this parade. Meat would be served at the counter by an aproned butcher who would weigh and wrap the meat in paper and then spear a small paper ticket bearing the price onto the package with a silver wire thing that looked like a miniature (...Read full memory)

This parade of shops is in my memory for ever - my family moved to Orchard Close - which starts just beside the post office on the right of the picture - in 1946. My brother was five and I was six months old. We were there for twenty years. Every day, until a supermarket appeared in Leatherhead in the (...Read full memory)

In the 1950's I used to ride my pony from the Leatherhead Road in Gt. Bookham through Fetcham to Leatherhead to get to the blacksmiths.  The blackmsiths was a proper big old forge at Prewetts Dairy off Randals Road. I used to have to lead my pony over this rickety little bridge. It had wobbly planks and there was (...Read full memory)

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