Fetcham, Ford, Old Mill Bridge 1904

Memories of Fetcham

I also remember the 'Splash'. We were told that some time in the past a Queen had crossed here with her ladies-in-waiting and that one of them had fallen in? Well, it's a good story. As a very horrible little boy, we used to catch minows in the pool, and then drag them across from one side of the river to the other, (...Read full memory)

This was the year I started school at Badingham College and I was there until 1964.I remember walking into Leatherhead for the first time but then forgetting the way back to school and having to hitch a lift back. I wasnt good at games although I enjoyed our long distance runs over the local downs and, when I was old (...Read full memory)

This parade of shops is in my memory for ever - my family moved to Orchard Close - which starts just beside the post office on the right of the picture - in 1946. My brother was five and I was six months old. We were there for twenty years. Every day, until a supermarket appeared in Leatherhead in the (...Read full memory)

One summer afternoon, aged about 10, I was playing on and around this bridge with a group of boys. I was a bit of a tomboy! Some of the older boys decided to jump off the bridge and then jeered that I wouldn't be able to do this because I was a girl. How wrong they were! I don't think my mother was too pleased when I arrived (...Read full memory)

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