Filey, Promenade, The Anchorage 1927

Memories of Filey

Can anyone help? I have been trying to find information about the convelescent home at Primrose Valley in Filey. I believe I was sent there in the 1950's but nothing's coming up on the web. I was sent there to convalesce after many throat infections. I was chatting to someone who lived in Filey but had no idea of the place I was speaking about.

I can remember the arcade very well; there was a chap working in there and was very much like Elvis Presley who had jet black hair with a quiff. There was also a hair salon on site, that is where I had my first grown up hair cut (a paige boy).

Please can anyone help me, I'm looking for photos of primrose Valley in the 70s onwards, as a child I spent my holidays there and came across some great friends I'm 52 now, it would be really nice to hear from anyone who went there the same time, a memory I have is I used to help the men on the tractor move caravans around the (...Read full memory)

When this photo was taken my grandfather Horace Smart was running this shop. I was living in the flat above the shop with my parents and brother Ralph. We enjoyed living here and having the whole of the valley to play in, in the winter when only the residents lived here when all the tourists had gone home.

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