Filey, Promenade, The Anchorage 1927

Memories of Filey

I have a vague memory, probably from the early sixties, of arriving at this home on a very grey, sad day. I don’t know to this day why we went there but the trauma of being with a group of let’s say disadvantaged boys was not our family’s finest hour. I seem to remember sleeping on a makeshift bed in the office (...Read full memory)

Can anyone help? I have been trying to find information about the convelescent home at Primrose Valley in Filey. I believe I was sent there in the 1950's but nothing's coming up on the web. I was sent there to convalesce after many throat infections. I was chatting to someone who lived in Filey but had no idea of the place I was speaking about.

Please can anyone help me, I'm looking for photos of primrose Valley in the 70s onwards, as a child I spent my holidays there and came across some great friends I'm 52 now, it would be really nice to hear from anyone who went there the same time, a memory I have is I used to help the men on the tractor move caravans around the (...Read full memory)

I can remember the arcade very well; there was a chap working in there and was very much like Elvis Presley who had jet black hair with a quiff. There was also a hair salon on site, that is where I had my first grown up hair cut (a paige boy).

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