Filey, The Boat Cart 1927
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A hard way to make a living at this time was ferrying holidaymakers to and from pleasure boats out in the bay. Over at Blackpool, they used long mobile gangways at low tide and horse-drawn boat carts the rest of the time.

An extract from North Yorkshire Photographic Memories.

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North Yorkshire Photographic Memories

North Yorkshire Photographic Memories

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A Selection of Memories from Filey

For many years now, we've been inviting visitors to our website to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was, prompted by the photographs in our archive. Here are some from Filey

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Thé Brigg! Thé fishermen’s slipway - cobble landing. The beach and our dogs Pip and Tina whom I will always love and never ever forget! Thank you Filey for my childhood and all the wonderful memories!! I’m now 71 by the way. Grég
Thé café chips were amazing - so was the smell! I used to pack spuds in plastic bags to sell to the campers in the shop. Tony and I used to do the milk round for the campers! I spent all my early summer holidays at the valley! Christmases were amazing !! The shop had an extension built on the RHD with a soda fountain and juke box - We had the key to the juke box and played all the records for free on a Saturday morning while we ...see more
Must have visited this store. We spent many wonderful holidays in the early 50's staying in the caravan belonging to one of the friends of my parents.
My name is Gerald Jennings I lived in Primrose valley& Fileyfrom 1946to 1954. My grandfather owned the Linkfield Hotel in Primrose Valley,This was run by my father (Kenneth) and one of his sisters(Ruth) It was during this period my parents split up.I have many amazing memories of this time .my first job was working the beach ponies Primrose Valley wages 2shillings 2 summers later. Horace Smart owner of the ...see more