Happy Days In Finchley

A Memory of Finchley.

I lived at 8 Avondale Road from 1953 until 1959 and like many others spent loads of happy summer days with my friends at the Finchley Pool. During the winter we would go nearly every night to the indoor pool in Squiers Lane. I attended Mannoreside School, also in Squiers Lane and was in the primary school football team that won the local cup in 1954, we beat Summerside School for the Trophy. Others in the team were Howard Young, Ian Nestling, Mike Dawson, and Colin Scott, I wonder where they all are now. Finchley was a beautiful place in those days and other names I remember growing up with are Doreen Walters, Maureen Ellis, Vic Steadman, Danny O'mahony, Goff Klage and Alan Conchi whose father owned a very nice restaurant at Archway. I left in 1959 when my family moved to Western Australia.

Peter Armstrong

Added 05 August 2019


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Hi Peter As an old Finchley lad 1952 really enjoyed your letter .Oh how I loved Squires Lane swimming pool .We lived in the best years .Usual fights but not the violence of today .Have lived in Aus for 50 years ,but have been back many times including this year .What nostalgia ! .How about you ? Baz
hi Baz, like you I had the best time growing up in Finchley, my life revolved around Manorside school, Victoria Park, Avenue House Park and the two swimming pool. Loads of kids everywhere to play football or cricket with or just ride bikes all over the place, or go to the shops in Ballards Lane. Wish I could do it all over again.

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