Fleetwood, St Peter's Church 1892

Memories of Fleetwood

Reading your "Memories" recently I recalled the days when I was at Stella Maris Convent Fleetwood. My name is Peggy Devlin nee Cullum and I lived in Mount Road not far from the school. Together with my husband and five children I emigrated to Australia in 1975 and we have enjoyed a good life on the 'other side of (...Read full memory)

My father was a police officer and we lived in Victoria Street, next door to the market. Our house, No 19, is now a cafe and sometimes I have a coffee there when I visit. Fleetwood was buzzing during the war.  Seamen, sailors, soldiers and Americans. Lots of money was about and lots of drinking went on.  Plenty of work (...Read full memory)

I attended Stella Maris from 1955 to 1965, my peers at the time being Susan Burns, Sharon Crook, Susan Flaherty (best friend), Ann Caulfield, Rosaleen Steadman: Anne Lindley, Pat Langley, Catherine Mansell are other names I remember. Best memories? Fish and chips school lunch on Fridays, tennis on the courts at the park, english (...Read full memory)

I certainly remember the paddling pool in Fleetwood, and the puppet shows, but I believe that they called them The Marrionettes. I also remember Fleetwood Carnival, and what we called Morris Dancers, that were probably kind of Majorettes. Mrs Kenmar, her daughter, and some other friend of hers. Back to your laughing (...Read full memory)

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