Fleetwood, St Peter's Church 1892

Memories of Fleetwood

I lived in Fleetwood from around 1948 - 1952. My dad was in the army and we lived in the Drill Hall in (Ithink) Preston Street. I can remember going to the library nearby and playing on the beach near some piers. There was a young man who was unfortunate who used to dig very deep holes in the sand and chase us kids with (...Read full memory)

I was born in the nursing home at the back of the mount as far as I know. I lived at 117 Blackiston Street until I was about five, and went to school across the road with the only childhood friend I can remember, a little girl from over the back street behind where we lived called Lorraine Jackson. My aunty Else (...Read full memory)

Reading your "Memories" recently I recalled the days when I was at Stella Maris Convent Fleetwood. My name is Peggy Devlin nee Cullum and I lived in Mount Road not far from the school. Together with my husband and five children I emigrated to Australia in 1975 and we have enjoyed a good life on the 'other side of (...Read full memory)

I am researching the loss of the Evelyn Rose trawler who sailed from Fleetwood. I need information and pictures of all the crew who lost their lives on this ship in December 1954. Anyone with any information about the Evelyn Rose, no matter how small, please contact me here...maybe you recall the (...Read full memory)

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