Old Maps of Frizington

Historic Maps of Frizington and the local area.

I lived at High Dyke opposite Bewley's farm, I went to St. Pauls school and remember Mr T Moore the head teacher, farther down from our house was Trevaskis's shop which always smelt of firelighters, on the other side of the road was McCurry's shop next to the house where I was born. I remember going to Mr Bewshers house and (...Read full memory)

My father was Isaac James Irving;(born in South Africa 1914 Died 1979 His father was William Rooke Irving born in Frizington ??? 1880. He was baptized on the 22 September 1880 in the Parish of ArlecdonSt. Paule Chapel of ease in the county of Cumberland. These facts are from a copy of (...Read full memory)