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For well over 10 years now, we've been inviting visitors to our web site to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was when the photographs in our archive were taken. From brief one-liners explaining a little bit more about the image depicted, to great, in-depth accounts of a childhood when things were rather different than today (and everything inbetween!). We've had many contributors recognising themselves or loved ones in our photographs. Why not add your memory today and become part of our Memories Community to help others in the future delve back into their past.

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I lived in Coronation Street in the early 50's to the late 60's, when I joined the army. A great place to be in those days. I remember running out to the rag and bone man and handing over some old clothes and getting a gold fish for them and dad sending me out to get the horse droppings, and biddles when you could go to the (...Read full memory)

I lived at High Dyke opposite Bewley's farm, I went to St. Pauls school and remember Mr T Moore the head teacher, farther down from our house was Trevaskis's shop which always smelt of firelighters, on the other side of the road was McCurry's shop next to the house where I was born. I remember going to Mr Bewshers house and (...Read full memory)

My father was Isaac James Irving;(born in South Africa 1914 Died 1979 His father was William Rooke Irving born in Frizington ??? 1880. He was baptized on the 22 September 1880 in the Parish of ArlecdonSt. Paule Chapel of ease in the county of Cumberland. These facts are from a copy of (...Read full memory)

As a very young child I lived at Jacktrees Rd. Every year the fair came to the market square on Cleator Moor. I can't remeber how long it came for, but I can remember on a couple of occasions the night after it finished going with my parents to watch a jiving competition. All the dodgen cars would be stored away and the (...Read full memory)

I was born in Frizington in 1946, my maiden name was Clifford. My dad Jimmy was killed in the William Pit disaster in 1947. My mother, my sister and I stayed in Frizington until I was 6 years old, we lived on Frizington Rd. I well remember going to St Paul's school. We used to play up the lonning behind where we lived and I (...Read full memory)

My grandfather, grandmother and mother came to America in 1923; Harold Hubert, Violet Mary (Abbott), Mary Doreen Shrimpton. My grandmother (Violet) was born in 1896 in Dalton-in-Furness and bought a small three handled cup while on vacation in Frizington in 1902.

I have great memories of growing up on Frizington. It was such a close knit community where everyone knew everyone else. I can remember Stewarts delivering milk with a horse and cart. ''Jinkies'' coming round with fruit and veg, in winter the van lit by a tillie lamp. The farmers coming round with their own home-grown (...Read full memory)

I remember most fondly the bonfires og Guy Fawkes Night in November. These structures would take weeks to build and always had a three piece suite at the centre. This was where the gang would 'live', yes live for some time prior to the 5th in order to guard the bonfire from envious onlookers and spies from other parts of the (...Read full memory)

I grew up in Parkgate when there were three pubs and three shops, I schooled at St Pauls Junior School, Headmaster was a very strict Mr Moore with Mr Teare, Ms Bowness I think, Miss Martin and Mrs Crossthwaite. Those were the days when we could run for miles unsupervised all the way down to Hen Beck and beyond, playing (...Read full memory)

Lovely to read your memories, I used to play as a child on the metal bank near Stewarts farm, we would walk up the Lonning to Yeathouse then have a picnic at the boilers, we would visit the baby houses before making our way home. Happy Days