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Four Years Old

A Memory of Fulford.

My earliest memories were in Fulford, York, at the tail end of the 1960s before my parents moved me to South Yorkshire at the age of six in 1971. My father worked at what was then called the Labour Exchange in York. He was later promoted to a position in ACAS and did very well. He was born and bred in Fulford and my grandmother lived there until she died in 1980. I often wonder how my life would have been if we stayed there. I went to Fulford infant school. We lived on the modern housing estate at the back of the motorway. Mum would pick me up from school in the blue Anglia car. You don't see many of those now. Mum was very young and beautiful. She wore mini skirts in those days. As a little boy I thought that was normal as all women are supposed to be beautiful and wear mini skirts. I would cry at school over the daftest things because I didn't have prior knowledge of what is important and what isn't. I have this vague memory of seeing a UFO but have convinced myself it is a false memory. Since then I have discoverd that the Vale of York is a popular spot for UFO sightings (not that I'm a crank or anything). Another memory is of buying chewing gum from the corner shop when I promised my mum that I wouldn't, and swallowed it. I felt I had committed a heinous crime. That was my first act of defiancy, that still pricks my conscience even now. My mother is an intelligent person and would ask the local vicar questions. He didn't like this although being a theologian (but not a very humble one). I think this was because men at that time still liked women in the kitchen, not having debates with men. He was really nasty and made her cry. I'm still annoyed that Dad didn't 'have it out' with him, but it was a different time. Mum gave up a career to be the dutiful housewife and mother. She was happy to do this but she told me how men in the sixties (in the office) would pinch girls' bottoms and rarely if not ever did they get promoted from secretary. She addressed this in later years through Bible research and now has deep knowledge of scripture and can stand her ground against any pompous clergy (and has since done so). I am very proud of her. That's it for now anyway. Thanks folks!

With thanks to Timothy Mann for this memory of Fulford

Added 03 August 2010


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