Gainford, The Corner Shop c.1960

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Memories of Gainford, the Corner Shop c1960

My Great Aunt May Brown ran this shop for many years in Gainford. She was housekeeper to the local Catholic priests prior to this.

I started Gainford School in 1954 & remember Miss Browns little shop crammed full with habberdashery, stockings (nylons) hankies, knitting-wool, etc., everything you could possibly want - an oasis in this small village. She was kind to us children, softly-spoken & had her hair tied up in a bun. We used to run (...Read full memory)

I was sorry to leave the village, some of my best memories of my childhood relate to Gainford and its residents. I lived in what was known locally as 'knobs row' or High Row, no.13. One of my best friends was a boy whose surname was Absolom, and he lived in the row of houses next to this shop. I went to the primary (...Read full memory)

Reading the memories prompts me to contribute to the nostalgia - My grandfather "Bob Allan" was the Postmaster and his parents before him. My aunt took over from him in the late 1960s and in all the business was in the family for three generations. The family have as is evident been involved in the (...Read full memory)

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