Garndiffaith, High Street 1957

Memories of Garndiffaith, High Street 1957

My name is Bruce Griffiths, my sister's name is Paulette, we lived on High Street. Over the road was a grocery shop where we would buy pomegranites, cut in half then shared betweeen us both. There was another road opposite us leading to a church where people got married, people (...Read full memory)

I hope I have the right Garndiffaith? My brother, Walter (Wally) was 13, my sister June was 10, and I was 4. We were evacuated from Birmingham in 1940/41 after our home was destoyed in the blitz. Wally stayed with a Mrs Cooper who died shortly after we arrived, he then went to live with a Mrs Williams, and worked for the (...Read full memory)

My name is Robert Gwillim, I lived at 1A High Street with my parents Edward & Betty from when I was born in 1955 until April 1962. My sister, Carol, was born in December 1961. My parents had lived at 1A High Street for a few years prior to my birth. The photo shows the top end of High Street with (...Read full memory)

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