Old Maps of Glasgow

Historic Maps of Glasgow and the local area.

Old map of Glasgow in 1904-1905
Map of Glasgow in 1904-1905
Old map of Glasgow in 1904-1905

More maps coming!

We are busy preparing more old maps of Glasgow from other years.

hello to all . my name is denis Archibald steel ,I was born in 1940 at 365 Cumberland street gorbals. when I was 4yrs old my granny who was looking after me ,fell from the kitchen sink and broke her leg .she was carted of to hospital .as I had no close relatives they put me in a childrens home wich I remember as clutha home (...Read full memory)

My grandmother lived at No.25 Byres Road, a short walk from the Botanical Gardens and spent many Sunday afternoons examining the gardens with her siblings & parents. She also was courted there by my grandfather-to-be. In 2000, I was able to view the gardens building (it was unfortunately closed on my visit); (...Read full memory)