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Lively street scenes of favourite UK towns & cities.

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Caption for Glasgow, George Square 1897: It used to be said that George Square reminded visiting Londoners of Trafalgar Square, but the central column was a monument to Sir Walter Scott rather than Lord Nelson. The square served to emphasise Glasgow's self-proclaimed status as 'the second city of the Empire'. It contained the magnificent municipal buildings completed in 1888 at a cost of £540,000—the Post Office, the Bank of Scotland, the Merchant's House and several hotels.

Memories of Glasgow, George Square 1897

So you missed the last bus home, in my case to Castlemilk from St. Enoch's Square, after a night at the Locarno.  It is winter, cold, wet and windy and you know you have to do it.  Stand and wait for the number '2' bus to get me into Castlemilk but never near where I lived.  Oh the thought of waiting for the stupid bus at the (...Read full memory)

I worked in Glasgow for the best part of 16 years with the Wallis Fashion Company, who I am still with but in a different location. I would love to hear from anyone who also worked with the company over the years, but I would also like to find any information regarding my great-grandfather. My papa never realy spoke about (...Read full memory)

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