Memories of Glasgow, Western Infirmary 1897

I worked as a staff nurse at this fine hospital for several years in the sixties. I was hired to work in the Renal Unit-however, it had not yet opened when I started. I was put to work wherever extra hands were needed until it did. I worked Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights as I was married with a baby. I remember my husband driving up this approach to drop me off for night duty. It ...see more

I trained in Glasgow Western during the reign of Miss Maimie Miller who was the Matron at that time - in the mid 1960s - she was followed by Miss Humphries. I have fond memories of that lovely big hospital - and of the smell in the conservatory which led to the nurses home. I regret losing my hospital scarf which was navy with the badge design on it. Spent some time in the Eye Department although we had to have ...see more

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