"Sunny Offs" At The Bank In Glasgow

A Memory of Glasgow.

I worked for the Bank of England's Glasgow Agency from 1969 to 1978 and remember that ,on really hot days in the summer , the Agent would give some of us an afternoon off to enjoy the weather. These became known as "sunny offs" and we all hoped the good weather would last a few days so that every one in the office benefitted as they were given to only two or three people per day. The office was run in a very disciplined manner and we had "messengers" who wore the Bank's livery which was very smart. I recall one of the agents wore spats even in the early 1970's which was something I had never seen before. The agency moved across the road to a smaller office in St Vincent Place and then closed altogether. The original red sandstone building lies empty today.

With thanks to Patricia Erasmus for this memory of Glasgow

Added 13 October 2011


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Sunny offs! Ah yes, and one very cold December morning around 1975 after a week or two of dismal wet weather, the sun broke through and flooded the banking hall with glorious golden light. Within moments one of the senior women shouted everyone out! Most of us thought it was a fire drill, bomb scare or worse but as we assembled on the pavement in St Vincent Place she pointed at the sky and simply said "Look, the sun's come out!" . How we laughed!

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