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Memories of Godalming, Peperharow Road 1907

It was the summer of 1946 and we used to go swimming in the river at a spot called "The Ginny" which was up the road a little (towards the camera) on the opposite side of the road to these houses. This part of the river was used as a swimming pool by Charterhouse school. We, that is children from (...Read full memory)

My grandmother lived in Godalming at 20 Pound Lane, her name Annie Winter. She used to work in the Milk Bar in the High Street with a lady named Mrs Margaret Barnes. She did not die until 1977 and is buried alongside her husband Thomas Winter in Eashing Lane cemetery. She was a member of the deaf club. She had friends all over the place near to Godalming. Does anyone remember her? Margaret Finch

My great-grandfather was a swimming instructor at Charterhouse. He lived in the last (?) house on the right, just before the lane leading to Charterhouse. The swimming pool was directly behind the back garden. Before this was built they used to swim in the River Wey which was accessed by a path opposite the lane. The (...Read full memory)

My Grandfather, Hubert Blackwell, lived in Ivy Cottage with his mother and father, Mr Henry Alfted Blackwell, he was born in 1897. I have just looked up his First World War war records and he states his address as Ivy Cottage, Peperharrow Road. I knew he lived in Godalming, but that was it. It is (...Read full memory)

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