Greenock, Watt Institute 1899

Memories of Greenock

My birth mother was born in Greenock on September 26, 1926. I have been looking for her for 35 years. She came to Canada before I was born. I was born in 1950 and I don't know if she ever returned. Her name was Rose Marie Giubbani MacKenzie. If anyone has any information about her or her family, please get in (...Read full memory)

As a boy in the 1930s and 1940s I often visited Auchmountain Glen. It was a fascinating place with a pleasant walk and many plants and flowers together with statues and even some ships' figureheads. There was a clubhouse which was used by the Auchmountain Boys. These were the local men who created and looked after the (...Read full memory)

The road you see, scarring the middle left of the picture, is known as Bow Road. Apparently there was a farm at the top of this road known as Bow Farm. The housing estate that was subsequently built in the post war years after 1945, was and still is known as Bow Farm. I was born in this area in 1949 and, as things often go (...Read full memory)

I was born in Greenock in 1953 and we left in the late 1960s, we moved to England due to the fact there was no work in Greenock. I never liked being away from all my cousins and friends but I was only young then. I went to St Joseph's school and remember it like it was yesterday. We lived on Paton (...Read full memory)

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