Old Maps of Grenoside

Historic Maps of Grenoside and the local area.

I was raised in Grenoside (born 1949) and had an idyllic childhood. My brother and I were heartbroken when dad got a job in Leeds and we moved there in 1959. We left our Grandparents but continued to make the 2 hour trip (before M1 was built) regularly to watch our beloved Owls and visit family. Playing in the Rec (never called (...Read full memory)

We loved playing in the park, hard to imagine that in the 50s the swings were locked up every Sunday.! The old quarry in the park was a playground for many of us, climbing the sides and sliding down on old tins. The stream ran down the back of the gardens of School Lane, at the back of the quarry. Now underground, but then we had to jump over or walk over the stepping stones to get to school.