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Other Memories from Grimsby

Sometime around the late 1950s my uncle was at the docks and was killed when a tractor was being loaded onto a ship. A cable broke and the tractor fell and killed him. Does anyone have any memories of this?

Added 17 December 2017
I was a Public Health Inspector in Grimsby from 1950 to 1954 when I moved to Suffolk. I remember going to the old and new slaughterhouses to do meat inspection, working all hours and getting nothing for it ! We had to take 'overtime' as time off when it suited the boss, Harold Parkinson, NOT when it suited us ! We were busy surveying all the old houses for clearance but remember the ladies all having a rail in ...see more

1950's: As a young lad I lived just a few minutes from this park (which is in Cleethorpes not Grimsby) and so spent a lot of time there. This pond was home to many hundreds of small fish, which I assume to be sticklebacks and minnows. We couldn't afford nets or rods so we fished using a jam jar attached to a length of string. The water was clear and we could see the fish so we would lower the jam jar to the ...see more

Anyone remember the name of the café in the market place? used to go there upstairs, juke box days! also would frequent the pub opposite St.James church, name evades me now, many moons ago.[white heart?]

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