Memories of Guernsey

Read and share your memories of Guernsey itself or of a particular photo of Guernsey.

We spent our honeymoon (1951) in Guernsey, and we had a lovely time. Even though it was only six years since the end of the war and the Islanders had suffered badly from the German occupation, we had as much butter and milk as we wanted, with fresh hot rolls with our breakfast each morning. This was total luxury as we still had (...Read full memory)

We first went to Guernsey in June 1979. The first thing we noticed as we drove off the ferry was that the pace of life was a lot calmer then here in England - mainly because of the speed limit of 30 mph. My husband spent 30 years in the Metropolitan Police Force - a very stressful job and has always said that Guernsey (...Read full memory)