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I n 1965 my parents retired to Saltash and my father built himself a small boat. As it was moored off the end of the garden. He looked around for a dingy to get to and fro and eventually found one in Gunnislake. Guess who got the task of rowing it down to Saltash. What a journey for a towney that had hardly been in a boat before. Fortunately the dingy was small and light [fibre glass] and the weather good also ...see more
My mum Sylvia Pitts was evacuated from Bristol as a child to Gunnislake during the war. She stayed with a farming family with her school friend. All I remember from her is that she was on a farm and the eldest son was called Tom. Mum was a proper Townie and it was a big culture shock to be living in the countryside. Sadly she has now passed away so I can no longer get any more information about her stay. Sue.
My grandparents, Mr Albert Taylor and Mrs Florence Taylor retired to Gunnislake in 1947. He died in 1967 and she in 1980. Nana was a dressmaker and Granddad was a retired Station Master. They used to have dogs, which we loved and we walked many miles, picking blackberries in the hedgerows. Some of my happiest childhood memories are of Gunnislake. A dog called Trixie used to arrive after lunch each day and ...see more
I have this photo on a postcard from your company mailed 1915. Grandfather was William Cruse/Cruise, born there in 1879. He was a miner who moved to Michigan, USA when the mines ran out. Someone named H.B. mailed this to my grandfather's wife, H.B's sister in Trimountain Michigan. Would like a way to find more info on him.
My father was born in Gunnislake, and lived there until two years of age with his mother Olive Sutton-Willcocks. My grandfathers name was John Willcocks, I think his sister's name was Sussie, but I'm not sure. My grandmother's, brothers name was Frank Sutton, he was in the Navy and was a Mason. My grandfather's family owned the Rising Sun Tavern in Gunnislak,e or that is what I was told. My ...see more
Hi, does anyone remember the Trelawny stores in Pengelly? On my birth certiificate it has this as my mother's address at the time. Her name was Daisy Hart and my father was Clarence Edwin Thomas, he was a sawyer. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
Hello, I am trying to locate "Quietways" home. A very close friend of the family has written to me many times and the only address he has given me is "Quietways", Kingswood Road, Gunnislake PL18.9DF. Would it be possible to assist me in contacting Peter Wills at this address? I would be very grateful if we could contact him. Thanking you in advance, Ann Laing
An elderly friend of mine would dearly like to know what became of her good friend, Mr. Tony O'Hara Nelson whose family lived in Gunnislake in the 1940's. I believe Tony was an actor in a touring company during the war.