Old Maps of Gwersyllt

Historic Maps of Gwersyllt and the local area.

Still looking for the family of Challoners' born in Armoury House, Top Road, Summerhill. Samuel Edward, known locally as Ted (my father) born 1914 at that address, Irene born (1920's), and Adeline-born 1918 children of Edith Adeline Challoner (Edith born 1897) at Armoury House Summerhill gwersyllt. Edith was the (...Read full memory)

My childhood memories of first Caego and then Gwersyllt are very precious to me, it was here my mother's maternal family were bred and lived for many years. Sadly, I had to move to the south coast where my paternal family lived when I was a teenager, but no where has been 'home' to me. I have returned to Wrexham many times, (...Read full memory)