Old Maps of Hambledon

Historic Maps of Hambledon and the local area.

My mum use to have the tea rooms when I was a child called The Copper Kettle. I think it was around the late 60's early 70's, it had the tea rooms at one end and a transport cafe at the other, and we lived above it. I remember having to go to school through the church and use to run like mad from one end of the church (...Read full memory)

Further down East Street there used to be a little sweet shop, if I remember it was called (or known as by us school evacuees), 'Miss Mays'. It was a 'tuck shop' for us as we used to run down a path from near the school to get there and spend our 'penny'. I have returned many times since I was living at Upper Chidden Farm, (...Read full memory)