Old Maps of Harrow Weald

Historic Maps of Harrow Weald and the local area.

My name is Alan Creek and I grew up at number 208 Carmelite Rd. It was a brand new council house and we move there in 1946. My first school was Pinner National which was a stop gap because the new Chantry Juniors was still under construction. Eventually it was completed and the first intake was transferred to Chantry Juniors. (...Read full memory)

I lived in Belsize road born there in 1946 at number 33 I had a great life growing up with all the kids in the street, The games you could play with one Tennis ball and the park and the park keeper we gave him hell poor man, we called him hoppy as he had a wooden leg I think anyway going up Blue bell woods playing war (...Read full memory)