Old Maps of Hartest

Historic Maps of Hartest and the local area.

My parents ran the bakery in Hartest and I and my sister were born there,as a child I had to help in the bakery and deliver bread around the village green,we had a lovely childhood in Hartest,went to GFS at Miss Wellers at the top of Harvest Hill,the gospel rooms opposite the cemetery and church on Sunday.we (...Read full memory)

My mother was born in Hartest in what was then, the police station, in 1925. Her father was PC Alfred Edward Dewy. As a child in the 60's and 70's, I was taken to Hartest and shown the house. I loved going, and now I live near Bury St Edmunds, I would love to go again, but I cannot remember where the house was in the village. Can anyone help?