Hartlepool, Advertising c.1960

Memories of Hartlepool

I remember as a kid living in Hartlepool and always visiting there. My mum is from Hartlepool, daughter of Edith Harrison who passed away in 1986. I always remember St Hilda's as a child and my grandma's place in St Hildas walk, we used to go up every year to visit and stay on a caravan park in Seaton Carew and as an adult I (...Read full memory)

As a child I swam in the sea next to the Sandwell Gate and the ruins of The Freemasons Arms which was an old pub that was on the Fish Sands. I remember sunny days, swimming and picnics with sand in my sandwiches with my friends. One day my friends noticed that when I walked back up the (...Read full memory)

I am trying to find any info on my grandmother, Frances E Robson who was born in Hartlepool 1894. Her mother was Mary Robson born 1874 and her mother was Elizabeth Frances Robson born 1842. Her husband was William Robson. They lived at numorous addresses being Hermit Street and Temperance Street - both streets are no (...Read full memory)

I have a copy of the the above which I found as a a scrappy piece of paper in one of my family's bibles. I have since had it copied and laminated, named on it as part of the preachers for the Hartlepool Circuit for 1889-90, which includes Stranton Street, were two of my Great Grandfathers (...Read full memory)

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