Hartlepool, Advertising c.1960

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Does anyone remember any cosmetics or soap produced by the Fields. Does anyone have memories of the FIELDS FAMILY. Does anyone know any of the ROBSON Family of Hartlepool dated from 1870. Thankyou Deborah Peel (Farrow)

I am trying to find any info on my grandmother, Frances E Robson who was born in Hartlepool 1894. Her mother was Mary Robson born 1874 and her mother was Elizabeth Frances Robson born 1842. Her husband was William Robson. They lived at numorous addresses being Hermit Street and Temperance Street - both streets are no (...Read full memory)

I was married at this church on 25th March 1978. My grandmother, Evelyn Sanderson also played the organ here, and at its sister church St Georges further up Park Rd. My grandfather's funeral service was also held here; George (Joe) Sanderson. It was a shame to see this church demolished for the shopping centre's car park!!!

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