Hatch End, St Anselm's Church c.1960

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Memories of Hatch End

Old Redding is a hilly rural lane connecting Hatch End with Harrow Weald. It is notorious for its connection with The Grimsdyke Hotel where Gilbert of Gilbert and Sullivan fame met his death in a drowning tragedy. It is also famous for its reputation among local young people who congregate in the car (...Read full memory)

This is an unusual view of St Anselm's as I don't recall ever standing on the churchyard flowerbeds! My own routine was arriving in the last few seconds before the vicar and choir processed into church for 9.30 Parish Communion service! This meant that the view I got was a hasty glance at the church porch steps as I (...Read full memory)

I lived in Hatch End from 1956 until I went up to Manchester in 1966, so I got to know my local shops both as a helpful schoolboy running errands for my mum to MacPhails the greengrocer and later as a teenager buying my records in Giles and my half pints of Benskins in "The Railway". This view on the left (...Read full memory)

\yes remember this so well, I live in Pinner now and the modern picture would be full of cars of a day and especially in the evening of people eating out, this must have the most concentrated restaurants in the UK. The only original shop still going is Halls Chemist but there is still a sweet shop a few doors up and the (...Read full memory)

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