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Visits To Hay As A Little Girl

A Memory of Hay-on-Wye.

I have vivid memories of visiting Hay on Wye as a little girl with my mum and nanna . Our reason for our visits was my nana had relatives there - Alice Jolly, Letchmere Jolly, Riley & Oscar Jolly . They lived in a house called Red Wing which I think was in Lion Street and my one favourite memory was that the garden at the back of the house ran down to a stream . Somewhere I've got some photo's of us by the stream, but one of the things I always remember is whenever we visited, Aunt Alice would always insist on taking us for tea in a little tea shoppe in the middle of Hay . I am in the process of tracing our family tree and have discovered that my great grandmother came from Hay and that is where my grandmother's link with Hay came from, as Alice and the others were her cousins. My daughter and I intend to visit Hay this year to try and trace where the distant family lived. One other thing about the family is that Letch and Riley were blacksmiths at the time. These were very happy childhood memories and Hay hold a special place in my heart. Looking forward to coming back.

With thanks to Carol Hibberd for this memory of Hay-on-Wye

Added 07 May 2012


Comments & Feedback

Interesting. My dad was Humphrey Webb who had a garage and undertakers. I remember Miss Jolly in Cusop. In later years she had a house built on Hardwicke Road I think. A typical early 50's style brick with rough caste on top.
When I was a child one of Miss Jollies brothers died and my dad was the undertaker. Miss Jolly gave my dad a small wooden money box that I still have to save my money in. It was a box her brother had made many years before and had saved his money in.
I now live in Hay in the same house my grandfather bought in 1902 where he brought up his family. I was born in 1943 in Broad Street next to a pub called the three tuns.
Redwing is in Cusop and the large gardens do run down to the Dulas Brook.
Brian Webb
Glad to read your addition, Brian, because I was searching my recollections unavailingly to place any house in Lion Street with "Redwing". I was interested in what Carol has written. Can either of us recall those blacksmith names? There was, I think, only one blacksmith's shop in Hay, and that was in Lion Street at its junction with Heol-y-dwr and next to the old police station; my thought is that the business was run by Ward the Blacksmith, but he could have employed others too. The names Carol provided did not coincide with my own memory of that shop; however, you probably have these details to hand. BTW: I owe you a note.

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