Old Maps of Hazlemere

Historic Maps of Hazlemere and the local area.

I lived in Rushmoor Avenue until I was 8 (1957-65 )and then in Eastern Dene (1965-1974).  When I was small, I used to accompany my mother on her shopping trips to Hazlemere crossroads (usually on foot). The chemists was called Seymour's.  I think there was an off-license next to Seymour's and then the (...Read full memory)

Does anybody know anything about the history of Eastern Dene / Western Dene? I was told about the zoo that once stood on the site of the park primary/middle school, but I hear that a battle took place on Eastern/Western Dene. I lived in the Dene when I was a boy of 12 years old. My mate and I were digging a hole in the back (...Read full memory)