Old Maps of Headley Down

Historic Maps of Headley Down and the local area.

My grandfather was the manager of Smorthwaites, the Chemist, opposite the Anchor Hotel in the middle of Liphook. My mother was born in Liphook and lived in the house next door to the Chemist's on the south. My earliest memory of Liphook was to be taken up onto the flat roof of the Chemist's shop to watch the VE day parade. (...Read full memory)

I was born in Haselmere and lived in Grayshott. I remember the great times we had as children. Going to the seaside in Brighton with the Cherry family on the motorcycle and side car. Spending time with Nanny Doran from Glen Rd. It was such a wonderful village, we lived on Beech Hanger Rd. I went to school with (...Read full memory)